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  1. This book has made me appreciate my relationship with my boyfriend even more! The fact that we can be together in the same bodies and places… It made me think and be more appreciative for the simple things. And the fact that I have a stable life with a family… I would say this book made a big impression on my life 🙂

  2. I quite enjoyed this book as listening to A’s story of him pass through different body was really interesting. I didn’t enjoy the ending because he never really solved his problems instead he just ran. I liked the fact that someone managed to find out what was happening but some questions were left unanswered. Are their others like him? Why’s he like this? Will he ever get a body of his own? I would’ve liked some of these questions answered.

  3. I enjoyed reading this book thoroughly. I liked the way it challenges many concepts. It challenges social conventions such as the fact that you behave differently around people with different appearances. The character of A sees the world from so many different perspectives. You always wonder: ‘what would it be like to be in their shoes?’, but this book raises the question of how people would react to you if you were and how that person sees the world. You see A get very different reactions from someone who knows who he is on the inside on a daily basis based on what he looks like. Rhiannon treats him just slightly differently based on gender, looks and disabilities. A sees the world from the point of view of many different people with different and cruel pasts and experiences. The phrase ‘I know how you feel’ defines him. I enjoyed the book because of this- it felt like it had a ‘deeper meaning’ and is a very clever book.

  4. I really liked this book but took a while to get into it. I think it is amazing how A passes from body to body with out leaving any trace of being there! It made me think that there could actually be beings like that in our society, we could just not know about them!!!

  5. this book is amazing, it took me all of 4-5 hours to read it, I couldn’t put it down. I really advise anyone to read this book it is amazing 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. This was the first one i read and i have to say, it is already one of my favorites by far! I have absolutely no idea how David Levithan came up with this one, but it is just amazing. The ending disappointed me a little bit, but there we go; nothing can be perfect, as this book illustrates.

  7. I really like the fact that it expresses how people always judge by appearances when A is really just the same person on the inside. Even though the cover could improve, i quite liked it because it was actually the first two chapters.

  8. Although I have already left a comment on this book, I have to say I recommend it to everyone I know because it is very moving, confusing and a little freaky at times as it makes you imagine if there are really people out there like that!……

    • I agree! The bright cover attracted me first with it’s simple title. I loved the first chapter as it explained a lot but didn’t expose the whole plot. The protagonists were well thought out and I to would recommend.

  9. It’s a really gripping book! When I first looked at the cover, I thought it was going to be very boring, but after I tried the first few pages in a book speed dating game, I decided to borrow it from the library!
    I have no regrets!

    • I’m so pleased the speed dating game encouraged you to read this book, and that you enjoyed it! I’d highly recommend the speed dating to any book group – it’s a great way to see what a selection of books might be like 🙂 Keep up the reading Hannah!

  10. I think that this book is really moving and although it may seem slightly confusing at the start, once you get into it it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

    • The bright cover caught my eye on the shelf and after reading the first chapter I was hooked! I do agree the cover doesn’t do the story justice!

  11. This book is a type of book that the cover did not interest but the actual story was fantastic! Like many people say do not look at a book by the cover.

  12. I loved this book. It is a really good idea and I like the way that it brings you into the life of a person in one chapter.

  13. I have just finished the book, and I think it was very emotional. It might seem confusing to start with because A wakes up in a different body each day. But I would recommend this book to people as it is moving and ends on a cliff hanger.

  14. This book was very interesting however the ending wasn’t as good as I had hoped. A bit of a let down seeing as the book itself was really good.

    • I enjoyed the book but it isn’t the genre I would usually go for. As much as it intrigued me I felt as it was a bit soppy for lack of a better word.

  15. I liked the front covr of every day becase it is quite simple. Although it just says the title and nothing else what I say is never jugde a book by its cover. Its proballya great book!

  16. I am really enjoying every day because the story line is very interesting and there are so many questions that might not be answered at the end.
    I’ve just got to a plot twist that I was not expecting and that has made the book even better.
    I hope I find out why he wakes up in a different body every day

  17. I loved the idea behind the story – that this person is neither male or female and moves from body to body. You never find out why or how.
    It was very well written and the characters were quickly established so that each day felt like reading a short story.
    I’d like there to be a sequel so that A could find out why they moved bodies ‘Every Day’ and maybe find a cure.
    Mrs Whiteman

    • I agree, there is scope for a sequel as the book ends on a cliff hanger and does not tie up all the lose ends.
      If there was a sequel I would read it!

  18. Every Day is a really interesting book from the first few pages to the last. As stupid of a name as “A” is, the concept of changing bodies every day is an intriguing one, definatly not something I’ve ever came accross before. David Levithan sometimes fails to explain certain aspects and rules of A’s life, I didn’t understand the “Only becomes people within a few hours drive of his last body” thing untill the “Going To Hawaii” scene, quite late in the book, and a lot of things are shockingly coincidental . Otherwise, the book is great! Probably my favourite Concorde book so far, and although some people hated the ending, I actually really liked it. Definelty read this one as soon as you can, it’s a really great book!
    Jack, Year 9, Brimsham Green School

    • This book is pretty soppy tbh, and it sort of fried my mind a bit after the first chapter, but it’s a rely good book so far! ~(^.^~)

  19. I really enjoyed Every Day. It was a story idea that I haven’t come across before, which made the book different. The ending might not be the strongest part of the book but it was heart-warming. It made me smile. My only criticism is that many of the chapters have no importance to the story. Perhaps it is the authors way of suggesting that many days in our life will have no importance. But still great read and I would recommend it.

  20. I have just finished Every day, and I love it! The story line is not oneI have come across before, so it is refreshing different. Only I am a little disappointed with the ending.

  21. At our Bookwurms session today we did a speed dating session, spending a minute on each book to get our first impressions. After looking at each book the group were suprised that Each Day was the book that grabbed their attention the most. We are looking forward to reading this book and finding out more about it.

    • What a great idea! Our book group starts this Thursday and I think we will try this as an `ice-breaker’. We will let you know which book grabbed our attention most!Ms Harrison, Librarian, Brimsham Green School

      • it worked really well and I realized that I really wanted to read everyday more than anything else eventhough it didn’t look very interesting

  22. I like the fact that A wakes up in a differant body every day but I think the cover should improve because it will be cool if the cover had differant faces on it

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